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CS 31: Special Guest Jim Ross
January 13, 2015 Kyle Scott

Jim and I are joined by longtime CB contributor and wrestling nut Ryan Gillon, who set up an interview with wrestling broadcasting legend and former WWE announcer Jim Ross. We spent about 40 minutes talking with Good 'Ol J.R. about what he's been up to lately, the current state of announcing (in both wrestling and football), old school vs. new school wrestling, general reminiscery, how Philly fans let him know he would be welcomed back into broadcasting with Bell's Palsy during WrestleMania XV, and his one-man show, Ringside with Jim Ross, which is coming to Philly and South Jersey next Friday and Sunday before Royal Rumble. After that, we talk Eagles front office drama, the terrible reporting that kicked off the new year, RADIO WARS, and the worst idea in sports history.

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